About Us

Hi, my name is Terry Anglin and I would like to share a little about me to help you decide if I am the right coach for you.

In my early years I became involved in electronics, computers, programming and networks and that extended over 35 years.

My original passion was working in electronic design and became responsible for projects like automated gas detection alarm systems to complete computerized monitoring systems for off shore oil rigs that I designed, built and programmed.

When the personal computer was just coming on the market I began to focus more on the possibilities that it offered and began learning programming. Some of the projects included an inventory system for a hardware and filter company and then later in to creating programs for highway construction companies.

After becoming Microsoft and A+ certified, I began my own technical company providing computer and network repair and installation. This was exciting and allowed me to expand my business.

[svpGlobalVideo v=2]When the Internet became widely popular I became excited at another new possibility of creating a business that was worldwide.

I took on the challenge to learn all I could about Internet Marketing. After learning many of the different requirements needed to succeed online I began to see one of the most common missing pieces that seemed to stop many others from succeeding online was in the technical area and coaching that was easy to follow.

I then started a new company providing virtual assistance to people that were afraid of or were having trouble getting past the technical requirements to run an online business. The friendships that were being built in this new business along with the satisfaction of knowing I was able to help others became very rewarding.

The one problem with that business model is that I was only able to help one person at a time. With limited time in a day I needed to look at my alternatives.

With the continued passion to help even more people I decided to start Smart Marketing Coaching where through the power of the Internet and the web conference software made available through Pure Leverage I am able to help many more people to get the coaching they need to assist in taking their online business to the next level.