Personal Website Support

If you are in need of personal Technical assistance with your website then this might be what you need. I will provide service in one hour increments where I will check out the issue you are having with your website and make needed corrections. In the event the process will exceed one hour then you will be notified in advance.  After purchasing an hour and submitting a support ticket with your log in information and description of the problem then I will scedule the work as soon as possible but do ask for 24 hours during the week and 48 hours if over the weekend although normally will be much quicker. This service is through help tickets only. The cost is a discounted price of $65/hour for SMC members only.

Note: If you need direct one to one support where I talk with you on the phone and log on to your computer then please check out my Virtual Technology Team.  There is a special price for SMC members of $97/mo. for 2 – 30 minute sessions or $197/mo. for 4 – 30 minute sessions each month.