jtFrom the Desk of: Joel Therien
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Re: Smart Marketing

Dear Aspiring Marketer,

It’s Time To Start Working SMARTER – NOT HARDER!

After TODAY I am confident you can put your wallet away and STOP buying training after training and wasting $100’s even Thousands trying to get to that NEXT LEVEL in your Internet Lifestyle Dream.

It all started more than two years ago when I was on the Marketers Cruise and had a “Secret Meeting’ with a couple of my Top Marketing Team Members and we realized that people were truly struggling to put all the pieces of this Internet Marketing Puzzle together.

Don’t get me wrong we were surrounded by some of the most brilliant minds on-line today and some had GREAT Training. The challenge was it usually involved ONE Technique and the entry cost of some of these training’s was between $2000 all the way up to $10,000 or MORE!. YES I agree, way out of the reach of the AVERAGE peeps that we were also surrounded by. I am not saying that these exclusive training courses were not worth every penny, because most were. The flaw was it was very expensive and NOT all encompassing for the beginner or intermediate marketer.

We discussed a SOLUTION that we are so proud (after TWO LONG YEAR) to bring to YOU.

We call it “SMART MARKETING COACHING” (SMC for short) and I can assure you that it will NOT take a second mortgage to attain a professional level marketing status. AND…. it will not be limited to ONE little piece of the puzzle. As a matter of fact I can assure YOU that you will finally be limitless in your on-line education.

You see, over the years I had some of the BEST on-line trainers in the World Instructing how to use my marketing tools. Terry Anglin is one of those and is considered one of the World’s Best Trainers and inspires thousands of people EVERY week in his TOOLS training.

BUT that just wasn’t enough for some and we put together a PLAN that will allow you to be LIMITLESS!

This is how the “Concept” of “Smart Marketing Coaching” was born.

Terry Anglin went to work putting together a NEXT LEVEL Members site for our existing tools clients.
…….YES – Two Years In The Making!
PLUS, Thousands of Hours and countless collaboration sessions with co-instructor and marketing experts like our own Mark Call and we are FINALLY READY to unveil what we KNOW will finally take YOU to a Limitless Level that you have been starving for.

Drum roll please ……..

A New Generation of Internet Marketing Training is BORN!


SMC will enter the market like a newborn baby ready to grow ‘WITH’ you as you learn to build a REAL and stable on-line business – no matter what niche you are in.

Okay, so what is SMC and why should YOU be part of this EXCLUSIVE Membership?

Well, I don’t know if there is a long enough page to describe EVERYTHING you will be RECEIVING RIGHT NOW, but – let’s give it a shot! Wink! Wink! 🙂

This is just the SHORT LIST of EVERYTHING that is included in SMC!

VALUE – Priceless

LIVE ‘NEXT LEVEL’ Training Webinars

All based around WordPress and Marketing w/ YOUR Self Hosted WordPress Website.
We will take you from ZERO to HERO and make you a WordPress & Marketing PRO.
Weather you want to market your own products, affiliate programs OR create and host a websites for your LOCAL MARKET – we will get you there!

VALUE – Priceless

We realize you may not be able to attend every LIVE webinar (although we recommend you do) so you will have access to the last recorded webinar to watch, learn and re-watch as many times as you would like! All organized by the subject of the week.
VALUE – $147+/mo

NEW ‘EXCLUSIVE’ Monthly Training Videos
Every month we will deliver exclusive next level training videos for you to digest and lean. These are not just any video training – they WILL teach you a multitude of SKILLS you need to become a Marketing Pro!
VALUE – $97+/mo

NEW ‘PREMIUM’ WordPress THEME – Every Month 
Yes, we will give you a new ‘Premium’ WordPress Theme EVERY Month. You will be able to use on your own sites OR we even give you permission to use them on your clients sites.
VALUE – $97+/mo

NEW ‘PREMIUM’ WordPress PLUG-IN – Every Month 
Yes, we will give you a new ‘Premium’ WordPress Plug-In EVERY Month. Like our Themes you will be able to use on your own sites OR we even give you permission to use them on your clients sites. These are plug-ins that you will NEED and help you market your business and some of the ones we most treasure ourselves.
VALUE – $147+

Immediate Access to 30+ WorPress Training Videos to get you started RIGHT NOW

Immediate Access to 30+ WorPress Training Videos.

VALUE – $127+/mo

Immediate Access To ‘THE LEADERS VAULT’ 
We will hold NOTHING back. If we use it YOU will KNOW ABOUT  IT! A continually growing vault of assets that we use to ‘personally’ generate above average incomes on-line.  Sometimes these resources are carefully guarded SECRETS of the GURU’s but we PROMISE to share them with YOU!
VALUE – Priceless

Special Training’s with some of Today’s Most Successful Marketers. 
Not only will you have access to Terry Anglin and his endless wealth of knowledge, you will be invited to ‘Members Only’ next level training with some of today’s most successful leaders like Mark Call. Marketing tips, tricks, copywriting, email marketing – It’s ALL on the table for YOU to fill up on. Because SMC is based on your own Self  Hosted WordPress sites, these LEADERS are now LIMITLESS to what they can teach you.
SPECIAL BONUS 01 (when you BUY NOW!) – Over 80 PLR (Private Label Right)  eBooks  
A multitude of niche eBook you can re-brand as your own to start building your list today!
VALUE $97+/mo

SPECIAL BONUS 02 (when you BUY NOW!)


You will receive a minimum of 20 PLR (Private Label Rights) ARTICLES in many Niches that you can call your own.
Copy and Paste ready for you to use as Blog Content and even Email Marketing. You will never starve for IDEAS. You can tweek these up as your own in a jiffy! REMEMBER this is a LAUNCH BONUS and can disappear anytime BUT lock in NOW and they are YOURS for the life of your membership.

Out Teaching TEAM is what I call the MMA of on-line Instructors!
What is MMA? NOT what you think…..
Our instructors like Terry Anglin and Mark Call are TRULY part of the Moral Marketing Association… LOL
On a serious note… these guys and OUR TEAM are HONEST, UPFRONT and REALLY CARE about YOUR SUCCESS!
How refreshing is that. It’s NOT about the MONEY to our TEAM.. It’s About YOUR SUCCESS and leaving a LEGACY to HELP MORE PEOPLE reach their DREAMS of On-Line