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I want to clear up a few issues that scare people when it comes to technology that makes Smart Marketing Coaching different. One is that I have heard many feel overwhelmed but are afraid to ask questions because maybe they have been talked down to by previous coaches if they still didn’t understand it after asking a question.

I promise never to make you or anyone feel intimidated when you don’t understand. As a matter of fact I take the blame that I didn’t explain it where you could understand because let’s be honest, everyone learns differently and comes from different backgrounds.

So for example, If I just walked through the 10 steps for building a membership site for you business but you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I’ve got GREAT news for you! I’m going to personally go through the process again explaining it in different ways until you grasp the process.

We meet weekly on live webinars plus you have access to our support ticket system that I personally answer. I’ll be available to answer all of your questions, help you when you get stuck, share my tips, tricks, and tools, AND give you valuable feedback on everything that you’re doing.

Another issue is that many in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or even 80’s have made comments that they are to old to learn. Well I just don’t believe that to be true. With the right coach/teacher I believe any age whether young or senior citizens can learn. All you have to do is believe in yourself and have the right guidance.

And to make this an easy decision, I have agreed to offer Joel’s members a 55% discount off of the normal yearly cost that is not currently offered anywhere else.

So it’s now up to you…

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Now if you haven’t decided already let me make it even easier. For the first 100 that join through this special offer they will get BOTH offers below as a bonus. All others will get to chose one of the offers below. So don’t wait to long to decide if you want both.

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From Overwhelmed To Overjoyed:Here Are The 20 Critical Blueprints You Need To Make Email Marketing Faster, Easier And More Profitable Than Ever Before!”

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One Place Where You Can Access All Of The Best Hacks, Tips & Updates As They Happen… delivered to you every Month. You get one full year of access.

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55% Savings for joel therien's members only!!!

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My Passion is to help people breakthrough all the technical mumbo jumbo that stops so many from having success.

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