An Easy Way To Add Icons To
Pages And Posts In WordPress

spiffyicons-medWhat if adding icons to your blog posts and sales pages were as easy as clicking a button? Imagine how much more effective your sales copy and how-to guides will be, not to mention how much faster you’ll be able to finish your writing and get back to business!

Spiffy Icons plugin for WordPress makes it easy with point and click access to hundreds of icons as well as unlimited color and size choices.

With Spiffy Icons, you get…



  • Super-simple installation – just upload to your plugins folder and go.
  • Zero complicated settings – everything is already set up for you from the start.
  • Your choice of 4 built-in icon sets totaling hundreds of icons – virtually guaranteeing you’ll find just the right one for any occasion.
  • Unlimited color choices for each icon – no more hunting for something “close” or “good enough”.
  • Automatic sizing, color, and alignment of your icons when used with your theme’s heading styles – so no HTML code to deal with.
  • Manual size setting for individual icons so you can get just the look you’re going for every time.
  • Point and click interface built right into the WordPress post editing screen for easy, on-the-fly insertion and formatting.
  • Easy use on both posts and sales pages for added flexibility.
  • High-quality vector icons for unlimited sizing options.
  • No need to buy added icon sets – everything is included.

With the Spiffy Icons plugin, you get everything you need to create visually appealing posts and sales pages without spending hours hunting through icon libraries and researching usage licenses. Just point, click, and done.

Here’s just a small sample of the icons that come with this incredibly useful plugin.


With these (and many, many more) icons you’ll be able to easily:

  • Highlight sale prices.
  • Accentuate headlines.
  • Draw attention to special features.
  • Outline a step-by-step process.
  • Make content more “scanable.”
  • Increase conversions on sales pages.
  • Point out social media links.
  • Make download links more visible.

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