Terry started out with a quick recap of the product setup and using 3rd party payment processors. He then went in to how to protect the content for each product/level that you create. Terry talked and demonstrated using Amazon S3 bucket policy to protect content as well. Please be aware that do to some technical issues the webinar dropped out several times during the webinar.


NOTE: Following is the bucket policy code used in Amazon S3. Please change the areas in the code that says “BUCKETNAME” and “YOURDOMAIN.COM” and “HTTPS://YOURDOMAIN.COM” with your own bucket name and domain name.

{“Version”:”2012-10-17″,”Id”:”http referer policy example”,”Statement”:[{“Sid”:”Allow get requests originating from YOURDOMAIN.COM.”,”Effect”:”Allow”,”Principal”:”*”,”Action”:”s3:GetObject”,”Resource”:”arn:aws:s3:::BUCKETNAME/*”,”Condition”:{“StringLike”:{“aws:Referer”:[“HTTPS://YOURDOMAIN.COM/*”]}}}]}